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Are you booked? – Interviewee F.A.Q.

Doing an interview with Broadway Bullet? Here are the answers to some frequently asked Questions. (Download this document as a PDF)

Where are the interviews held?

I will be conducting interviews from Mon-Fri, May. 7-11 2017 at the following location:

Dramatists Guild Fund 10-4 pm

  • 356 W. 40th St. 2nd Floor (at 9th and 40th)

When should I arrive?

If you can arrive 5-10 minutes before your interview slot, that is great. We have a few release forms for you to sign.

This is audio, right? So I can dress sloppy?

You can if you want, but we like doing a lot of things to promote the episodes, so we do like to get pictures and sometimes some video sound bites. You don’t need to “dress up”… Our whole image is that we bring the listener the “real, down-to-earth person.”

What should I be prepared to talk about?

Most of our listeners to the show are people who aspire to be in the industry (or are in the industry). We have a lot of high school and college students, and others learning about the New York Theatre Scene.

What do you have to share with that person? What mistakes have you made in your career? What worked for you? What did you learn that you wish you had known before moving to New York. What have some of your most triumphant moments been? What have some of your lows been? Best moments working on a show? Lowest moments working on a show… Etc… These interviews stay online and keep getting downloaded for years! Don’t make it just about this production, make the interview timeless.

Feel free to let me know beforehand if there is a specific question you want me to ask!

Most of all, I hope you will be candid. Too many interviews only paint a rosy picture of “overnight success” or glamour of the industry. I want our listeners to hear the high points, yes, but I also want them to hear about the hard work and uncertainties getting there, and indeed, those unseen challenges for artists who have already “made it” in the industry.

What is the format of the interview?

Don’t worry, I will help you relax. My goal has always been for the listener to feel like they just happened to be able to listen in to a conversation at a table at a bar or restaurant.  The conversation and questions might venture into being bit quirky, outrageous, irreverent, dangerous or dirty… And that’s okay… This is the internet.

Are the interviews edited?

We never did, we had a bunch of listeners actually complain. They liked us for our complete transparency. For this new edition, we’ll be balancing it… The interview will be abridged for the main program, then we will post the full, unedited interview on Soundcloud for those wanting more.

In any case, if you let something slip that you do not want aired, I will honor your request to cut that moment out.

How long are interviews?

I book 45 minutes for a story, and 90 minutes for a feature. If you are a “story” we will probably talk 20-30 minutes. If you are a “feature”, we will talk for 45-60 minutes.

Will soda or alcohol be served?

We will have water for the interviewees, but if you prefer to drink anything else, you should bring it with you.

Can I bring a friend or my PR rep?

There is room for a friend or two, or your PR Rep to sit while we interview. Please remind them that they should be quiet during the taping.

When will my interview go up?

We are collecting interviews for episodes over the next 5 months. Hopefully we well know the release schedule after we have gotten all the interviews. We will notify you as soon as we set the season schedule.

Who can I contact?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Broadway Bullet’s host, Michael Gilboe at 406-403-8323 or