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Want to Pitch a Story? – Press Rep F.A.Q.

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We’re Booking Interviews for May 7-11, 2018!

I will be coming back to NYC to gather interviews.

I will be conducting interviews from Mon-Fri, May. 15-19 at the following location:

Dramatists Guild Fund 9:30-5:30 pm

356 W. 40th St. 2nd Floor (at 9th and 40th)

I will also be in NYC a little early to catch some of the shows I am interviewing starting Tuesday Night, May. 1.

I will be booking hourly interview time slots. The interviews will last from 30-45 minutes.

Broadway Bullet has been growing wonderfully since our relaunch. We’re getting 8,000 downloads a month and our Twitter followers have grown to 3600. Our feed itself has also gwon very fast since our relaunch. We now have over 1200 podcast subscribers checking in each week, vs. an average of 1100 in our “heyday”.

Our podcast episodes get downloaded for a VERY long time. Our first episode from 2006 is still getting a few dozen downloads a week. We’re looking for the enduring story to tell. This shouldn’t just be about promoting a 2-4 week run, but providing a lasting dramaturgical/educational reference on the artist/show to endure.

Giving me an idea of the angle you want to pursue will greatly increase chances of me booking you. I love talking to people involved in the “smaller” shows, but find the interesting and enduring angle. I am also willing to help you brainstorm it.

Because the Podcast is audio only, and because I like to go in depth in a way other media rarely allows, I prefer to interview a single person, and we have capabilities of interviewing three at a time when warranted.

Pitch Me

Please email me at to pitch a story or call me at 406-403-8323 if you have a question. (Please leave a voicemail if I cannot answer.)

Tony Nominees

I will be putting out a special episode with any interviews with Tony Nominees on Wednesday, May 22nd. I am interested in talking to ANY Tony nominees, including tech and design nominees!

NYMF Interviews

I will be putting together a NYMF special episode to be released on Wednesday, June 20th. I will interview up to five NYMF shows, so book soon! (Possibly a few more if I still have available interview space come May 7.)

Other Pitch Ideas

Here are some topics/artists that I am interested in. (This is not an exhaustive list)

  • Playwright who is making or recently made their off-broadway or Broadway debut
  • A stage manager
  • A pit musician
  • An actor who is making their Broadway debut (role or ensemble)
  • A Broadway Dramaturg
  • A director. (If they are making their off-Broadway or Broadway debut, even better)
  • An actor/theatre artist with a non-traditional “day job” (not a waiter)
  • A Broadway or Off-Broadway Choreographer
  • A writer on a play or musical with an unusually long development story, or unusual origins
  • An actor/theatre artist making their first break right out of school
  • An actor/theatre artist making their first big break after a long time slogging it out
  • A theatre artist who has had a big change of direction in their career/focus

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your audience?

Our audience is varied, but is mostly made of theatre professionals and those who want to be theatre professionals. About 25% were New Yorkers, about 75% others. All kinds listened. High school students, professional and community theatre members around the country. We had heavy college student listenership, and I know of several professors who made the podcast required listening. We had some general theatre fans that listened, but hey were a small percentage.

You are exposing your show and interviewees to the larger theatre community. Take advantage of that.

I like to show to be educational and fun. I’m not after the gloss. I want to let everyone in on the true hardships, triumphs and stories of our theatre community.

Do you only interview actors?

No. We like to get a broad range of all types of people involved in the New York theatre community. We’ve interviewed actors, playwrights, directors, composers, musicians, authors, designers, stage managers, producers, etc…

Our goal is to provide a well-rounded, informative look at our craft from all sides.

Do you only interview big names or people in Broadway Shows?

No. Again, we pride ourselves on showing the range of theatre from Broadway to Off-Off Broadway and independent theatre, and we frequently interview people who are on-the-rise. However, we do like to get people from the popular shows and big names, because, not only do they have a story to tell, but they help draw listeners and attention to all of the other shows and performers we feature. If you can help us get one of these features, it will help out your other clients.

Do you do phone interviews?

No. I never have, and doubt I ever will. Part of why the show was so successful was the interaction that *being there* provides. My goal has always been for the interviews to be fun. The listener should feel like they are overhearing a conversation (or argument) at a bar.

How many people do you interview at a time?

One or two, please no more. More than two can be confusing for an audio interview. Certain exceptions may be made to interview three/

When are you coming to New York again?

I will be back for another week of interviews October 22-26, 2018.

What is the best way to promote my show?

If you’re show is long-running, it may help a little bit, but overall, it is important to think of the big picture. These podcasts are downloaded for a long time. Our listenership doubled on our archive shows during the 5 years we were “off the air”. We have passed 750,000 total downloads. So… Think about the long term sell. If your show is only running for a few weeks, we’re not going to be able to expose that production, but we can expose the players and play to a wide audience for the future.

What kind of Off-Off-Broadway/Independent Theatre shows will you take?

Almost everything if you can give me an interesting angle for the interview. But I rarely take revivals. I like featuring new works. I like exposing those new works to all of the high schools, colleges, professional and community theatres around the country who listen.

 – if an author is willing to let me post the PDF of their original play on our website, I will be VERY likely to talk to them (must be in production, or slated to be in production by an established company) I take no rights, and if the show ever becomes published and easily available, I will pull it from the site. But if the goal is to get others to consider producing these plays, well… it would help if they could *read* them.

How do I pitch an interview to you?

Please don’t just send me a standard press release. I rarely read them. I’m not looking for that general information. What will make this still a good interview to listen to 5 years from now? Send me a pitch/angle for who you would like me to interview. What is your angle? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

  • Is the interviewee an expert in something?
  • Was there a hurdle the interviewee overcame?
  • Does the interviewee have valuable information to educate our listeners?
  • What is unique about the interviewee?
  • Is this their first time (designing, in a Broadway show, dancing, singing, writing…)
  • Is there something new they are trying?
  • Is there a new business model or production model?
  • Can they connect the dots about how they got to where they are in a way that can help others?
  • Do they have a contrary or controversial opinion about how to do things?
  • Has the interviewee gotten amazing reviews? Has the show gotten horrible reviews, but you found a way to deal with it?

For any other questions, call Michael Gilboe at 406-403-8323 or email