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Podcast Vol. 412: Sept. 16, 2010 – NYMF 2010 Coverage Part 2

It’s Fall, and that means more of our annual NYMF coverage! NYMF 2010 runs from Sept.27-Oct. 17th. Each year the shows fill up more and more, so get your tickets early or risk being left out of the hottest show of the festival season! Find out more about NYMF at

In this episode:

  • Executive/Artistic Producer of NYMF, Isaac Hurwitz stops by to talk about the happenings with this year’s festival.
  • Written by Tony Winning Book Writer William Hauptman (Big River) and Broadway Composer Jim Wann (Pump Boys and Dinettes), THE GREAT UNKNOWN is one of the more high-profile offerings at the festival. Broadway veterans Tom Hewitt (Rocky Horror, Dracula) and Don Stephenson (The Producers, Dracula) stop by the studio to discuss the show.
  • Two friends childhood pact to hike the Appalachian Trail sets the stage for the musical TRAILS, and lyricist Jordan Mann and Book-Writer Christy Hall stop by to discuss the show.
  • Composer Jay Alan Zimmerman started slowly going Deaf in his early twenties, and has put his story on stage in the new musical, THE INCREDIBLY DEAF MUSICAL. Actress Casey Erin Clark dropped by to discuss the show and talk about the unique story behind it.
  • Karen Bishko‘s pop songs formed the foundation of the show, THERAPY ROCKS. She stops by the studio with Musical Director Boko Suzuki to discuss the process transforming stand-alone pop songs into a fully realized book musical.



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