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Podcast Vol. 411: September 2, 2010 – Season Premiere NYMF 2010 Coverage Part 1

It’s Fall, and that means more of our annual NYMF coverage! NYMF 2010 runs from Sept.27-Oct. 17th. Each year the shows fill up more and more, so get your tickets early or risk being left out of the hottest show of the festival season! Find out more about NYMF at

In this episode:Trav’lin

  • Gary Holmes discusses his journey bringing 30’s Harlem Composer J.C. Johnson’s music to life in a book musical, TRAV’LIN. A mentor to Gary as a young boy, J.C. wish was to have an honest book musical, now brought to life at NYMF.
  • Book writer, Chip Zien and Director Nick Corley discuss their (tongue firmly in cheek) desire to have the “most pretentious musical” at NYMF this year. A unique a surreal journey of a 12 year old boy with no regards to the boundaries of time, THE HISTORY OF WAR illuminates the human capacity for violence.
  • Ned Massey was prepped by labels to be the “Next Bob Dylan” only to find himself scrapped by the label before his debut album was released. Years later, he turns his story into a fresh contemporary musical, BLOOD TIES. He discusses the show with director Scott C. Embler.
  • The downturn in the economy led to Keith Varney getting fired from his office job, which quickly led to the writing of I GOT FIRED: A SEMI-AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SORT-OF-TRUE REVENGE MUSICAL. He discusses the creation of the show and the challenges of writing and acting at the same time.



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