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Podcast Vol. 408: May 12, 2010 – Planet Connections Festivity Special

The Planet Connections Festivity is back this year with more plays, more locations, and more opportunities to save the planet with sustainable theatre! The festival runs from June 3-June 29th. Find out all about it at their website: and hear about some of the shows in our dedicated episode!

In this episode:

  • Festivity organizers, Glory Bowen and Carly Robbins talk about this year’s events.
  • Actors Fred Rueck and Margie Ferris discuss FOX TALES
  • Playwright Carol Carpenter and Director Dianna Martin discuss MTWorks production of GOOD LONELY PEOPLE
  • Writer/Producer Jason Grossman discusses LOVE ME
  • Producer/Co-Writer Mehr Mansouri talkes about the musical, GIVE TIL IT HURTS
  • Director Melissa Moschitto and actor Karim Muasher discusses The Anthropoligist production of ANOTHER PLACE
  • Director Nicole Potter discusses SUNRISE/SUNSET OR BREAKFAST WITH JULIA
  • Newground Theater Collective founding members Rosebud Parker and Mariel Matero discuss their production, CLANDESTINE
  • Co-Producers Kim M. Jones and Andrew Rothkin (also writer/director) discuss the play, DANNY
  • Emma Koenig (Playwright/Director/Actor/Producer) and Peter Rothbreed (Actor) discuaa I DON”T WANT TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS
  • Playwright John Kearns discusses his play, IN THE WILDERNESS
  • Director/Designer Oscar A. Mendoza and actress Barbara Mundy discuss MANHATTAN PROJECT
  • Calla Videt (Director/Writer) and Kevin Davies (Producer/Writer) discuss Wind-Up Lab’s THE UNTITLED PROJECT
  • Playwright Sergei Burbank discusses Conflict Of Interest Theater Company’s WAR CRIMES.



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