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James Barbour’s New Single for Haiti Relief

Broadway Bullet is very proud to have released James Barbour’s (Jane Eyre, A Tale of Two Cities, Assassins) new single. The song is called “Walk With Me” and was written by Gary Burton and produced by Michael Gilboe, (Host of Broadway Bullet) who also provided piano, bass and drum programming.  Proceeds will go to benefit Haiti disaster relief.

We did this up in my studio a couple of weeks ago, and I also want to give a shout to all the other people who contributed to the recording.

Dave Acker, for his great guitar work.

Yury Shubov, for the great orchestral arrangement at the end as well as Violin and Viola.

Allison Seidner for her Cello work, solo and “orchestral”

Mike McGinnins for Flute, Clarinet and Sax.

And thanks so much to Robert Anton, Brianna Reed and Gina Naomi Baez for turning their three voices into a choir for the end of the song!

Pick up the song at Amazon or iTunes!




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