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Podcast Vol 319 – NYMF 2009 Coverage Part 2

In part 2 of our NYMF coverage, we hear from five more shows in the NYMF Festival… don’t forget to check them out at for more information on the festival running from Sept. 28-Oct 18

In our four part NYMF series, you’ll hear from 20 NYMF shows with interviews, music, live performances and more!

In this episode:

  • Tod Kimbro (Book/Music/Lyrics) and Julia Granacki discuss a distopian future filled with Rock and Roll in MY ILLUSTRIOUS WASTELAND
  • Mark Robertson (Book/Music/Lyrics) and Jim Newman (Actor) discuss musicalizing an old Irish folk tale into the new musical, MARRING MEG
  • Will Reynolds (Composer/Conceptualizer) discusses cut and pasting the Bard into a new musical, THE GREENWOOD TREE, which is playing as a concert reading.
  • Ryan J. Davis (Director/Co-Producer) and Joe Drymala (Author/Composer) take “Save the Music” to the stage with STREET LIGHTS, focusing on High School Students studying the arts.
  • Elizabeth Lucas (Director) and Mark Wiser (Writer) discuss bringing their modern vampire musical, THE CURE, from Stage to Film and back again.



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