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Podcast Vol 318 – Season Premiere! – NYMF 2009 Coverage Part 1

We’re back with our annual, in-depth coverage of the NYMF Festival… don’t forget to check them out at for more information on the festival running from Sept. 28-Oct 18

In our four part NYMF series, you’ll hear from 20 NYMF shows with interviews, music, live performances and more!

In this episode:

  • NYMF Executive Director, Isaac Hurwitz discusses this year’s festival, as well as past seasons.
  • David Eric Davis (Music, Lyrics, Co-Book) and Noah Weisberg (Actor) tell us how they’re F#@KING UP EVERYTHING with their new rock musical.
  • David Ingber (Author/Composer), Alvin Hough, Jr (Arranger) and Patrick J. Benedict (Actor) fill us in on the history of FANTASY FOOTBALL: THE MUSICAL? and perform two numbers from the show live in our studio!
  • Bryan Putnam (Book, Music & Lyrics), Kenneth W. Gartman (Music Director) and Rosena M. Hill (Actor) tell us why THE TOYMAKER isn’t for kids.
  • Stephen Nachamie (Director), Adrienne Maitland (Choreographer) and Billy Butler (Co-Book/Composer/Lyricist) remind us that there is another meaning to the word “gay” as they fill us in on GAY BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN
  • Daniel Gwirtzman (Dancer/Producer) and Madeline Hoak (dancer) talk about their all-dance take on classic Jazz-Swing songs in ENCORE and “perform” a unique “audio-dance” segment.



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  1. Michael,

    Glad your back. I enjoyed the episode, but missed the photos in iTunes. Keep up the great work.


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