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Podcast Vol. 310: April 9,2009 – Blithe Spirit, Shrek, Caitlyn & the Swan and More!

We have another great episode for you filled with Music, Interviews, Commentary and more! We talk with Susan Louise O'Connor, making her Broadway Debut in BLiTHE SPIRIT. We also hear songs from the newly released cast albums for SHREK and NEXT TO NORMAL. We hear from people involved with the plays, CAITLYN AND THE SWAN and TIBET DOES NOT EXIST, and Ken Davenport talks about what's going down with all the critics!

One to Watch

Susan Louise O’Connor – Blithe Spirit

Susan Louise O’Connor is making her broadway debut acting alongside such luminaries as Angela Lansbury, Rupert Everett and Christine Ebersole… and she’s more than holding on, in fact many dritics have lauded her take on the role of the maid. She stops by our studio to talk about the show and her career so far.


For more information on BLiTHE SPIRIT, visit their Official Website

Producer’s Perspective

kendavenport.jpgChanging of the Guard

Ken Davenport discusses where all the critics are going, and announces his Social get-together for Theatre Bloggers. If you are a theatre blogger, find out more HERE

Listening Room

Next to Normal

We listen to “I’m Alive” from NEXT TO NORMAL, just released digitally, and available May 12th as a physical CD.


Get NEXT TO NORMAL at iTunes or pre-order at Amazon

On the Boards

Caitlyn and the Swan

Director Johua Conkel stops by to discuss The Management’s controversial new play. CAITLYN AND THE SWAN

Here’s what their website says about the show:

Image by Ashley Alexander – I’m Smitten

Caitlin and the Swan tells the story of a frustrated SAT tutor, her animal-loving friends, and their powerful attractions to the forbidden. Inspired by the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan, this play explores feminism, bestiality, and the twisted links between pain and love.

Written by Dorothy Fortenberry, Directed by Joshua Conkel

Find out more about CAITLYN AND THE SWAN HERE

On the Boards

Tibet Does Not Exist

tibet1.jpgNicu’s Spoon’s newest production is TIBET DOES NOT EXIST, and Director Pamela Butler and actor Scott David Nogi stop by to discuss the show and it’s humorous, theological angles.

Here is what their website says about the show:

The play is about everything from politics to religion to the environment to love to movies. The action takes place in the fictional town of Winston, Connecticut, near Yale University. A Tibetan Buddhist monk, Buton Rinpoche, visits with several college professors — but the action particularly focuses on Rinpoche’s relationship with a professor of economics, Thomas Walsh. Rinpoche engages Walsh in a series of often humorous conversations about everything under the sun, and tries to convince the cynical Walsh that compassion, wisdom, and tolerance are critical qualities in today’s society — qualities, in fact, that can ensure the survival of mankind. With the turmoil in Tibet making recent headlines, Tibet Does Not Exist takes on special meaning.

Find out more about TIBET DOES NOT EXIST HERE

Listening Room

Shrek the Musical

We listen to “Freak Flag” from the new cast recording of SHREK, THE MUSICAL released everywhere on Decca Broadway.


Pick up the cast album for SHREK at iTunes or Amazon



1 Comment on Podcast Vol. 310: April 9,2009 – Blithe Spirit, Shrek, Caitlyn & the Swan and More!

  1. Hey, usually love your program, listen to it on my ipod all the time… Was a little offended that in talking about “Caitlyn and the Swan”, you brought up Prop 8, thereby equating bestiality with homosexuality. It’s such a cliche soundbite of the religious right, saying that if same sex couples are allowed to marry, then bestiality will be next. I thought it quite insensitive, especially speaking to Mr. Conkel.

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