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Podcast: Vol. 4 – Sept. 6, 2006 – NYMF Part 4

The musicals, "Smoking Bloomberg", "Go Go Beach", "Kingdom", "The Children" and "This Could Be Love". Also, Musicals that Should Have Been Hits.

Broadway Bullet Vol. 4 – September 6, 2006

Running Time: 75 minutes

Here are links for all the shows featured in Vol. 04 of Broadway Bullet. Whenever available we have put links to the show’s direct website, as well as a link to the NYMF page where the show is featured.

Feel free to discuss the episode here and meet some great, like-minded theatre fans!
And spread the word about Broadway Bullet!

Smoking Bloomberg


Book, Music & Lyrics by David Cornue, Sam Holtzapple, Warren Loy, Chris Todd
When the NYC smoking ban ruins a dry cleaner’s business, she seeks revenge on Mayor Bloomberg.
Interview with James Donegan (Producer) and Warren Loy (Writer)
Featured songs: “Percoethaline and You” and “Nick Nolte

Go Go Beach


Book & Lyrics by John Wimbs
Music by Michael Shaieb & Brent Lord
The beach party gang go-go-goes flower power!
Interview with John Simpkins (Director), Coleen Sexton (Actor) and John Wimbs (Writer)
Featured Songs: “His Smile Told Me So” and “A Boy Like You”

Marty Cooper – On the Positive Side

Shows That Should Have Been Hits

Sponsored by The Colony



by Ian Williams and Aaron Jafferis
Who can you turn to when the world turns its back on you?
Interview with Aaron Jafferis (Writer) and Eric Louie (Producer)
Featured Song: “Concrete”

The Children


Book and lyrics by Stan Richardson, Music by Hal Goldberg
…pray you never meet them.
Interview with Tony Speciale (Director) and Maria (Actor)
Featured Songs: “I Loved You Before You Were Born” and “Key to Your Heart

This Could Be Love


Book, music, and lyrics by Brock Simpson
Sweet and cynical, joyous and jaded: a love story.
Interview with Graham Rowat (Actor)
Featured Songs: “Tonight” and “Every Little Thing”



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