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Podcast: Vol. 7 – Sept 27, 2006 – NYMF Part 7

The musicals, "Three Sides", "J.O.B. the Hip Hopera", "Desperate Measures" and "The Screams of Kitty Genovese". Also interviews with the 3 Broadway Idol Finalists and Marty Cooper gives his West End Report in "On the Positive Side". {mos_sb_discuss:3}

Broadway Bullet Vol. 7 – September 27, 2006

Running Time: 75 minutes

As always, we have some fantastic interviews and songs from featured musicals. Here are links for all the shows featured in Vol. 07 of Broadway Bullet. Whenever available we have put links to the show’s direct website, as well as a link to the NYMF page where the show is featured.

Feel free to discuss the episode here and meet some great, like-minded theatre fans!

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Three Sides


Music & Lyrics by Grant Olding, Book by Grant Olding with Toby Davies
One contemporary love story. Two paths to choose from. Three sides to every story-yours mine and the truth.

Interview with Grant Olding (Writer), Caroline Sheen (Actor) and Sharon Fallon (Producer)
Featured Songs: “Three Sides” and “When Carrie Walks”

J.O.B. the Hip Hopera


Book and lyrics by Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion, Music by Jerome Sable, Eli Batalion & Joe Barrucco
The biblical book of Job. Remixed.

Interview with Eli Batalion (Writer), Hassan Christopher (Director/Choreographer) and Niles Levi Rivers (Actor)
Featured Song: “The Bottom Line”

Marty Cooper – On the Positive Side

West End Report Part 1

Sponsored by The Colony

Desperate Measures


Book and lyrics by Peter Kellogg, Music by David Friedman
“I’m not saying life is all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it’s hard to live. But you must admit, it’s a bit more appealing than the alternative.” – Johnny Blood

Interview with Peter Kellogg
Featured Songs: “Good to Be Alive” and “Just For You”

Broadway Idol Finalists


Interview with the three remaining finalists: Jaclyn Huberman, Jamieson Lindenburg and Katie Thompson

The Screams of Kitty Genovese


Music by Will Todd, Libretto by David Simpatico
A new musical drama inspired by a murder that shocked the nation.

Interview with Will Todd (Composer) and David Edwards (Director)
Featured Songs: “Just Another Night” and “Winston in the Night”




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