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Podcast: Vol. 9 – Oct 11, 2006

Hunter Foster! We have an in-depth interview with Hunter Foster and play some songs he has recorded. We also interview Krista Vernoff (head writer for Grey's Anatomy) about her play, "Me, My Guitar and Don Henley". We have a report on the Australian Theatre scene and a song from "Prodigal". Also, Marty Cooper gives his review of the "A Chorus Line" revival in "On the Positive Side".

Broadway Bullet Vol. 9 – October 11, 2006
Running Time: 75 minutes

As always, we have some fantastic interviews and songs from featured musicals. Whenever possible, we have put in links to the shows and artists interviewed so you can find more information. If any of the music we play is available on iTunes, we have also put those links in as well.

Feel free to discuss the episode here and meet some great, like-minded theatre fans!
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Me, My Guitar and Don Henley
Tickets and schedule
Interview with Krista Vernoff (Writer)
Krista is the Head writer for Grey’s Anatomy ( Blog )

Interview with Hunter Foster
Hunter Foster talks in-depth about his career, training and future projects.

Featured Songs:
“Run, Freedom, Run” from Urinetown
“Grow For Me” from “Little Shop of Horrors”
Demo of “Run With Me” from Bonnie and Clyde (in development)
Marty Cooper – On the Positive Side
A Chorus Line Report
Sponsored by The Colony

Australian Theatre Scene

Interview with Kellie Rode and Verity Hunt-Ballard
Kellie and Verity discuss working in Australia and upcoming talent.

Featured Song: “Love Them and Leave Them Alone” from Prodigal
by Dean Bryant and Matthew Frank ( Website )



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