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Podcast: Vol. 20: Dec. 28, 2006

The comedy, "Angry Young Women", Close out our Going Geeky on "Spring Awakening" series, hear from Jazz singer, Marcus Goldhaber and play part 1 of our director's panel. Sh-K-Boom's holiday sale and song from "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee". Also, Marty Cooper suggests some New Year's Resolutions for our critics in "On the Positive Side".

Broadway Bullet Vol. 20

December 28, 2006

Running Time: 75 minutes

Broadway Bullet is Going Geeky over Spring Awakening, and you can win tickets and a meet-and-greet with the actors and creatives afterward! We have 10 pairs to give away… but you’re gonna have to work for them! We have a “Trivia Question Scavenger Hunt” for episodes 17-20. Each interview, the person will answer two dedicated “Geeky Questions”. One answer will be in the podcast, the other in the transcripts available to read at Broadway World. At the end of the series, the first 10 people to answer all ten questions will win the tickets!

So enjoy our in-depth coverage on this great new musical, and get geeky with us to win!

Spring Awakening

WebsiteMySpace Page (with audio and video clips)

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Angry Young Women 


Interview with: Matt Morillo (Playwright and Director), Jessica Durdock (Producer) and Rachel Nau (Actor)

One to Watch – Marcus Goldhaber

Featured Song: Grab It Now, live in the Broadway Bullet Studio.

Marty Cooper – On the Positive Side

New Year’s Resolutions for our Critics
Sponsored by The Colony

Going Geeky for Spring Awakening – Part 5

Interview with Stage Manager, Heather Cousens
Heather discusses what a stage manager does, how to become one, and the unique challenges “Spring Awakening” presents.

Sh-K-Boom Holiday Sale!

Many CDs on sale for $12.99 including shipping ONLY HERE

Featured Song:: “My Unfortunate Erection” from “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

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