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Podcast: Vol. 13, Nov. 9, 2006

 David Kirshenbaum and Leslie Kritzer discuss their Joe's Pub Gigs and the musicals, "Vanities" and "Legally Blonde". The new comedy, "The Internationalist", the experimental play, "The Whore from Ohio" and a rare Sondheim song, "Hades" from "Simply Sondheim - A 75th Birthday Salute. Also, Marty Cooper discusses critics and tryouts in "On the Positive Side".

Broadway Bullet Vol. 13

November 9, 2006

Running Time: 74 minutes

Interview with David Kirshenbaum and Leslie Kritzer

David and Leslie discuss David’s Performance at Joe’s Pub, “Places You’ve Never Been Before” ( Joe’s Pub Website )

…as well as Leslie’s performances of “Patty LuPone at Les Mouches” at Joe’s Pub ( Website )

They discuss David’s new musical, “Vanities” as well as the upcoming Broadway production of “Legally Blonde” which Leslie is cast in.

Featured Songs from Vanities:
“Friendship Isn’t What it Used to Be” – Live from Broadway Bullet Studio
“Fly to the Future” – Demo Recordin

The Internationalist – Presented by the Vinyard Theatre

Theatre Website

Interview with Anne Washburn (Playwright) and Ken Rus Schmoll (Director)

Simply Sondheim – A 75th Birthday Salute


Featured Song: “Hades” from “The Frogs”

Marty Cooper – On the Positive Side

Marty talks about Critics and Out-of-Town-Tryouts
Sponsored by The Colony

Bush Wars


Interview with James Falzone (Actor/Co-Director) and Nancy Holson (Writer/Co-Director)

Featured Song: “I Want a War”

The Whore from Ohio – Presented by LaMama

LaMama Website

Interview with Geula Jeffattar (Director/Actor) and Victor Attar (Actor)



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