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Podcast: Vol. 16 – Nov. 30, 2006

 Andrea Marcovicci "The Queen of Cabaret", "That Time of the Year", "Art People", "Dick Cheney's Holiday Spectacular 2006", "To Be Loved" and a review of "Spring Awakening" in "On the Positive Side".

Broadway Bullet Vol. 16

November 30, 2006

Running Time: 75 minutes

“To Be Loved”


Interview with Alex DeFazio (Writer), Jody P. Person (Director) and Elizabeth Sugarman (Actor

“That Time of the Year” Presented by the York Theatre Company


Interview with Actors: Bridget Beirne, Jonathan Rayson, Erin Maguire, Nick Verina and Musical Director Annie Pasqua

Featured songs: (Live from Broadway Bullet Studios!)
“Veronica” (performed by Nick Verina) and “Country Christmas” (performed by Bridget Beirne)

Art People


Interview with Tony Giordano (Director), Don Harvey and Mihaela Mihut (Actors)

Up Close with Andrea Marcovicci


Andrea discusses her latest Cabaret Show, Researching, the business, and advice for new Cabaret Performers.

Featured Songs: “The Gift” and “The Sweetest of Nights and the Finest of Days”
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Marty Cooper – On the Positive Side

Review – Spring Awakening
Sponsored by The Colon

Dick Cheney’s Holiday Spectacular 2006

Presented by Billionaires for Bush/Heart of Gold Prod.

Interview with performers James Simon, David Bennett, Jamie Jackson and Melody Bates



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