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Podcast Vol. 218 – NYMF 2008 Part 4

SO WE BEGIN OUR final week of NYMF coverage for 2008.  Hope you're ready for a jam packed episode full of new musical fun!  Let's do less talking and get the ball rolling, huh? This week we sit down with the creative team behind CYCLONE AND THE PIG-FACED LADY.  Also, actor and producer from the show LOVE JERRY are here.  The director and musical director from PLAY IT COOL stop by.  The composer and lyricist of the new song cycle LINES is here.  The composer and bookwriter/lyricist from the cringlingly title BEDBUGS!!! come by to chat.  The creative team from I COME FOR LOVE are also in the studio this week.  And finally, from VILLA DIODATI, composer and librettist, come in to give us a little chat.  We have songs from all of the productions featured on this week's episode. Marty and Ken will be back with us when we return to our bi-weekly podcast, but they won't be here this week. So what are you waiting for, hop on board the Broadway Bullet for all destinations on and off Broadway!

NYMF 2008 Special Part 4.

We’re covering NYMF musicals exclusively for 4 weeks in a row (YES! Extra episodes!) for their fall 2008 festival.

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Cyclone and the Pig-Faced Lady

SALLY KAPLAN’S HIT COMIC book “Cyclone” is set in the glamorous, seedy Coney Island of the 1920’s, where Cyclone, a sultry gypsy heartbreaker, and her freakish twin sister, the Pig-Faced Lady, always save the day. But in the real world, there are no superheroes, and Sally must find a way to become the hero of her own story.  We sit down to chat with playwright/lyricist Dana Leslie Goldstein and Jodie Bentley (Roma /Cyclone) to find out about superheroes and Coney Island.  We also hear two songs from the show, “Haunted” and “Cyclone Theme”.

Schedule: Sep 23rd, 8:00 pm, Sep 24th, 1:00 pm, Sep 28th, 4:30 pm, Oct 1st, 8:00 pm, Oct 3rd, 4:30 pm, Oct 4th, 8:00 pm at TBG Theater

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Love Jerry

THE RELATIONSHIP OF TWO adult brothers is tested in this unforgettable music-play which explores the long-term affects of child abuse on a family. Jerry is likeable and shy; his brother Mike is a macho family man. When Jerry is accused of sexually abusing his young nephew, the brothers must reconcile their love for each other with the grim circumstances that force them apart.  Donna Lynne Champion adn J.T. Arbogast come by the studio to tell us about this deep new show at NYMF.  They also bring along the songs “Love/Poison” and “I’ll Hold Up the World”, sung by J.T.

Schedule: Sep 18th, 8:00 pm, Sep 19th, 1:00 pm, Sep 20th, 4:30 pm, Sep 21st, 8:00 pm, Sep 25th, 8:00 pm, Sep 27th, 8:00 pm at TBG Theater

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Play It Cool

IN 1953 HOLLYWOOD, GAY life was a world of shadows, innuendo and fear, but at Mary’s Hideaway, a stiff gin, a wink and a hot jazz number made it all worthwhile.  We have a sit down with the show’s director, Sarah Rosen, and musical director/arranger, Joe Baker to find out about gay life in 1953.  We also get to hear a couple of songs from the upcoming show, “Future Street” and “Hip to Your Tricks” from the demo recording of the show.

Schedule: Sep 22nd, 8:00 pm, Sep 24th, 4:30 pm, Sep 28th, 8:00 pm, Sep 29th, 1:00 pm, Oct 3rd, 8:00 pm, Oct 4th, 1:00 pm at TBG Theater

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ARGENTINA’S LA NACION NEWSPAPER is reporting that young actress Josefina Scaglione will portray Maria in the 2009 revival of West Side Story. The 21 year old Scaglione is a trained opera singer and has been in a production of Hairspray. She will also portray Christine in a production of The Phantom of the Opera in Argentina, it is reported that she was told of winning the role of Maria by Arthur Laurents himself. A spokesman for the show had no comment at this time on the reported casting.  The revival of West Side Story will begin previews on February 23, 2009 with an official opening slated for March 19, 2009.

BROADWAY VOICES, A NEW quartet of singers from the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus,  will make its debut performance this September at The Metropolitan Room (34 West 22nd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues) with I Want It All – A Maltby and Shire Songbook.   The new performance ensemble features Dan Baillie, Eric Saggese, Sonelius Kendrick-Smith and Phil Zipkin. Musical Direction is by Dr. Charles Beale, and staging by Jeff Lettiere.  This all-male cast brings a unique twist to the traditionally co-ed songbook featuring songs from Maltby & Shire’s hit shows Closer Than Ever; Starting Here, Starting Now; Baby; and a song from their new project Take Flight.  Both as a team and individually, Richard Maltby and David Shire have had prolific and distinguished careers for stage and screen. Together, their best-known musicals include Baby; Closer Than Ever; Starting Here, Starting Now; and Big. Separately, Shire has scored several hundred films, won an Oscar (Norma Rae) and two Grammys (Saturday Night Fever) along the way, and co-wrote the hit pop single “With You I’m Born Again;” while Maltby was the Tony-winning director and co-conceiver of Ain’t Misbehavin’, the co-lyricist of Miss Saigon and the screenwriter of last year’s Renee Zellwegger starrer Miss Potter. Maltby and Shire’s current project is the musical Take Flight, produced in London and Japan last year, and scheduled for a domestic production next season. Maltby is also directing next season’s The Story of My Life; while Shire has written the songs for a new animated musical television series starring, and co-produced by, his wife, actress Didi Conn. Maltby and Shire met their freshman year at Yale (where they their wrote their first two shows) and have recently begun their second half century of collaboration.

BREAK OUT, THE EXTREME dance comedy from the creative team of the recent Off Broadway hit JUMP, will have its New York premiere this fall, it was announced today by the show’s producers, Show and Arts Inc. (Executive Producer, Kyung-Ah Han/Artistic Director, Won-Kil Paek ). This first North American production of the high-energy dance spectacle will play the Union Square Theatre (100 East 17th Street) September 18 through October 12, 2008, with an official opening night set for Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.  As dance shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Best Dance Crew” captivate television audiences, Break Out offers some of the world’s most talented dancers performing jaw-dropping choreography in a live stage show that combines hip-hop, gymnastics, yoga, slapstick and more.  The mostly nonverbal dance comedy tells the tale of a night-in-the-life of a group of desperate prisoners whose nightmare existence changes beyond belief when an ancient and sacred text mysteriously drops into the prison. This mysterious arrival inspires the inmates to plan a daring escape into the outside world, where they are able to enjoy a brief, and hilarious, moment of freedom.  Featuring a cast of nuns, nurses and break-dancing villains in the craziest jail break of all time, Break Out is a fun-packed, madcap night out featuring top quality performers, including some of Korea’s leading B-Boys from internationally winning crews such as Drifters Crew (Battle of the Year 2006 Finalists), Gamblers Crew (Battle of the Year 2005 Finalists) and Maximum Crew.

TONY NOMINEE JOHN TARTAGLIA and the loveable creations of “Johnny and the Sprites” will perform at the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts Oct. 19.  The popular Disney Channel series stars Avenue Q’s Tartaglia and teaches children “about magic in the world around them.” The live program, geared toward preschoolers, will also include the music of Disney Channel’s Choo-Choo Soul.  “Johnny and the Sprites” is set in “a beautiful, enchanted world of whimsy where Johnny and his friends, the Sprites: Ginger, Basil, Lily and Root, sing, have fun and learn valuable life lessons about getting along together, solving problems and respecting the world around them,” according to show notes.  John Tartaglia, who received a Tony nomination for his Broadway debut in Avenue Q, has also appeared on Broadway in Beauty and the Beast. Tartaglia stars as Pinocchio in the Broadway-bound musical incarnation of Shrek, which currently plays Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre.

THE NEW YORK TIMES announced today that the fourth annual New York Times Great Read will be held rain or shine on Sunday, Oct. 5.  The day-long celebration will feature two distinct events: The Great Children’s Read, a free celebration of reading featuring live entertainment for children and families, presented by Target and held at Columbia University; and The Great Literary Brunch, featuring several best-selling authors and held at TheTimesCenter, The Times’s performance venue in its new headquarters in Times Square.  A list of Favorite New York City Stories was specially selected this year by children’s librarians from the three public library systems of New York City:  Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library and Queens Library.  Celebrities from film, TV and Broadway will read from the 20 books on the list at The Great Children’s Read.  Featured entertainment at the Target Children’s Stage this year will include readings and performances by Grammy Award-winning artist and actor Common, Nancy E. Krulik, They Might Be Giants, John Bemelmans Marciano, Jane O’Connor, Playhouse Disney’s “Johnny and the Sprites,” David Soman and Jacky Davis, Playhouse Disney’s “Choo-Choo Soul,” Peter Howe, Matthew Reinhart, Laurence Yep and Yo Gabba Gabba! featuring D.J. Lance Rock & Brobee.  There also will be a performance and signing by American singer-songwriter and actress Lisa Loeb.  The Target Children’s Stage is a part of the company’s commitment to support early childhood reading through programs and events that aim to foster a love of reading at an early age.  Admission to The Great Children’s Read at Columbia University is free and open to the public. Columbia University is located in Manhattan at Broadway & 116th Street.



STRAIGHT LINES, CURVED LINES, body lines, blood lines. Lines of fire, lines of communication. Lines we sometimes shouldn’t cross and lines we always should. Composer/lyricist Timothy Huang (The View From Here) examines the word itself; its meanings, its uses and its power in a brand new song cycle that travels from rock, to Americana, to contemporary theater, to R&B and back again. Five versatile actors lead us through twelve stories; some thrilling, some sweet, some wickedly absurd, all of which question what happens when the line that separates black from white becomes irreversibly blurred revealing only shades of gray.  We chat with the show’s composer/lyricist (HUang) and actress, Becca Ayers, who have brought by two tracks for us, “Positive” and “For This?”.

Schedule: Sep 30th, 4:30 pm, Sep 30th, 8:00 pm, Oct 2nd, 10:30 pm, Oct 3rd, 1:00 pm at TBG Theater

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80’S ROCK EXCESS MEETS the Creature Feature. It’s 2012 and Carly, an exterminator hell-bent on avenging her mother’s freak death, has accidentally mutated NYC Bedbugs into bloodthirsty killer Hair Metal Rock Gods. Sweet sidekick Burt has a plan, and troubled Canadian chanteuse Dionne Salon has stumbled onto the scene. But will Carly listen to them and save NYC–or be seduced by her own creation?  We sit down with the Bookwriter/lyricist, Fred Sauter and composer, Paul Leschen, to find out where those creepy crawlies at night meets musical theatre.  We also get a listen at “Carly’s MO” and “Into the Great Beyond”.

Schedule: Sep 16th, 8:00 pm, Sep 17th, 4:30 pm, Sep 20th, 8:00 pm, Sep 21st, 1:00 pm, Sep 24th, 8:00 pm, Sep 27th, 4:30 pm at TBG Theater

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XANADU, BROADWAY’S SURPRISE MUSICAL hit, has announced a closing date of Sunday, October 12. The show is playing at the Helen Hayes Theatre, 240 West 44th Street and will have played 49 previews and 528 performances.  Headed by a cast starring Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson, Tony Roberts, Jackie Hoffman and Mary Testa, the musical also featured Jacob ben Widmar, Kenita Miller, Patti Murin and Andre Ward.  Written by Douglas Carter Beane and loosely based on the 1980 film of the same name, the show featured music by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar. Christopher Ashley directed with Dan Knechtges providing the choreography. Eric Stern served as musical director. Sets were by David Gallo, costumes by David Zinn and lighting by Howell Binkley.  Lead producer Robert Ahrens spent many years bringing this musical to Broadway, defying the odds and naysayers along the way. Opening on July 10, 2007, the show was enthusiastically acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Ahrens said “It was a joy to work on Xanadu, a project that I truly believed in.  The cast, which became a family, was superbly talented as was the entire creative team.  It’s a rare treat to have such a special experience.  All of my partners, including Tara Smith, B. Swibel, Dan Vickery, Cari Smulyan , Dale Smith, and Sara Murchison made their Broadway producoriel debuts with the show and their enthusiasm and belief in the project was unparallel. I thank them all.”

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, THE AMERICAN Theatre Wing will be the new home for The Jonathan Larson Grants.  Established by Larson’s family following the untimely death of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Rent creator, the mission of the grants is to “commemorate Jonathan’s legacy by providing recognition and financial support to up-and-coming creators of musical theatre.”  In a statement Allan Larson, father of the late composer and the president of the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation, said, “We are extremely proud that the American Theater Wing has agreed to take on — and hopefully to eventually extend — the work of the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation. Because of the Wing’s world-wide recognition as home of the Tony Awards, the establishment of the ATW Jonathan Larson Grants Fund is a major step toward assuring that a much larger group of aspiring theatrical writers and lyricists will always have a place where they can seek recognition.”  Ted Chapin, chairman of the board of the American Theatre Wing, added, “All of us at the American Theatre Wing feel very honored that the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation and family have seen fit to entrust us with the future of the Jonathan Larson Grants. In addition to recognizing excellence in theatre through the Tony Awards, the Wing has a long history of supporting theatre professionals at the beginning of their careers, and the Jonathan Larson Grants will add to that mission.”

“WE ARE PROUD TO announce that we will be producing the Professional Stage Premiere of Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2” states Nick Manos, President of Atlanta’s Theater of the Stars.  “We are excited to be able to follow up on the phenomenal success of our January 2007 premiere production of the original Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: On Stage with the smash hit sequel.”   “We are delighted to be working closely again with our friends at Disney Theatrical Productions,” adds Producer Christopher B. Manos.  “We have joined with some of the best creative talent in the Theater business to bring our production of this family-friendly show to the stage.”  Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2: On Stage will play the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta from November 6-16, 2008.  Tickets are on sale NOW at all Ticketmaster outlets, at 404-817-8700 and online at  Ticket prices range from $20-$68. Special group rates are available through the Fox Group Sales Dept. at 404-881-2000.  The Wildcats are back for an all new adventure with rocking songs and twice the fun!!  School’s out and Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan and the rest of the East High gang are diving into a summer of cool moves and hot competition.  Join them as they put their talents and friendship to the ultimate test.  The Creative and Design Team from the original Atlanta production of Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: On Stage returns for this all-new production. Director Jeff Calhoun has an impressive history with the High School Musical franchise as he was the Director of the original Atlanta production of Disney’s High School Musical: On Stage and the worldwide touring productions Disney’s High School Musical: On Tour and Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour. Calhoun’s Broadway credits as Director and Choreographer include the award-winning Deaf West production of Big River, Brooklyn the Musical, and the 1994 revival of Grease!   Other Broadway credits include Annie Get Your Gun (Co-Choreographer), Tommy Tune Tonight (Director) and Grey Gardens (Musical Staging).

FORBIDDEN BROADWAY, THE GERALD Alessandrini revue that has become an Off-Broadway institution since its premiere in 1982 at Palsson’s Supper Club, will close in January 2009.  The latest edition of the revue, Forbidden Broadway Goes to Rehab, will play its final performance at the 47th Street Theatre Jan. 15, 2009. The production, which is currently in previews, is scheduled to officially open Sept. 17.  In a statement Alessandrini said, “With the changing of the artistic climate on Broadway, I felt the next couple of seasons might be a perfect time to take a break. I’ve just put together a new edition that I feel succinctly encapsulates the last couple of years on Broadway and I thought this would be a positive and fun way to end our 27-year run. However, I do hope we might bring Forbidden Broadway back to New York at some point down the road when there will be plenty of new shows and stars to spoof.”  The newest edition of the Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning show that spoofs theatrical shows, stars and trends is directed by Alessandrini and Phillip George.


I Come From Love

A JADED REPORTER IN search of a story. An adorable alien looking for love. A small town diner in need of a waitress. Intergalactic sparks and saucers fly in this screwball comedy that might just turn out to be the story of the century.  The co-authors of the book music and lyrics fro the show, Jeffery Lyle Segal and Terrance Atkins come by the studio to talk about their new extraterrestrial show and share with us a couple of songs fromt he production, “Ooga Booga Boo” and “I Come for Love”.

Schedule: Sep 30th, 8:00 pm, Oct 2nd, 8:00 pm, Oct 3rd, 7:00 pm, Oct 4th, 4:30 pm, Oct 4th, 9:00 pm, Oct 5th, 1:00 pm at American Theatre of Actors (Chernuchin)

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Villa Diodati

SPEND A SUMMER HOLIDAY of intrigue and possibilities, ghosts and secrets, where Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster is born on a Swiss lakeside estate, Villa Diodati. There the beautiful, tormented Mary Shelley, her lover, the brilliant rebel poet, Percy Shelley, the scandalous Lord Byron and his mistress Claire sing about, love, death, sex and the creation of art.  We sit down with the show’s composer/librettist Mira J. Spektor to talk about the inspiration for this gothic musical.  We also get to hear “There is no Heaven but My Love” and “I feel the Room go Cold” from the show.

Schedule: Sep 22nd, 8:00 pm, Sep 23rd, 1:00 pm, Sep 27th, 4:30 pm, Oct 1st, 8:00 pm, Oct 3rd, 4:30 pm, Oct 4th, 8:00 pm at 45th Street Theater

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