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vol. 903 – Past Meets Present (Aug. 28, 2018)

The past and the present constantly collide in the theatre. Old stories become new, and new trends influence how we see shows of the past.
First up, Tina Marie Casamento shares with us her highs and lows of bringing the story of a young Judy Garland to Broadway; with her development as writer and producer of Chasing Rainbows.
Then, Michael Lee Brown has been alternate for Dear Evan Hansen since the beginning. A show that will be influencing how future shows tell their stories, Michael discusses what so attracted him to the material.
Next, The new adaptation of the old Frankenstein continues to run strong at St. Lukes. Actors Adam Kee and Gabriella Marzetta discuss working on this show in a very new “rep-in-theatre” tradition that is helping shows find their feet.
Finally, the one of the oldest institutions of our songwriting heritage… Tin Pan Alley May face being erased in the name of progress in lower Manhattan. George Calderaro stops by to discuss its historic and entertainment importance, and how you can help at
All of that, inside!