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Vol. 901 – Exploring the One-Man Show (July 21, 2018)

We’re back with a brand new season, and to kick it off, we’re going to be exploring the one-man show. What goes into them, why to do them.
First, Baba Brinkman has been making his name doing one man rap shows about scientific concepts he describes as “part rap concert, part TED talk and part stand-up.” He discusses his process of researching and writing these shows while talking about his latest, “Rap Guide to Consciousness”.
Next, Moises Belizario and Steven Prescod talk about putting together the one man show, A Brooklyn Boy, featuring Prescod playing over 25 roles. Both have served time in prison, and have used theatre as a way to escape their pasts, but use this show to illustrate it to help others avoid their mistakes.
Robert Galinsky spends most of his time working with prison inmates and pre-release candidates. His dedication to using the arts to help others led to his creation of “The Bench” a show following the lives of several people before and after their troubles began.
So sit back, and enjoy today’s trip!