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Vol. 814 – Wanna Produce? (Feb. 28, 2018)

Are you wondering what a producer has to do or curious about producing yourself? We’ve got an episode chock full of interviews of interest to you. Cara Reichel and Peter Mills talk about their production company, Prospect Theatre company, their fantastic growth, and areas you need to look out for when creating a company. Seth Sklar-Hein discusses his job producing and associate directing for Cameron Mackintosh North America as well as his working relationship with arguably the most successful producer of the modern theatre. Ralph Lewis of Peculiar Works talks about dusting off the forgotten American classic, Androbourous and the challenges and joys of producing site-specific theatre. Peter Bogyo, General Manager for too many Broadway Shows to mention, talks about his numerous duties and his new book, aptly titled, “Broadway General Manager”. Finally, Eleanor Speert, buyer for the Drama Book shop comes in to talk about the resources they provide everyone in celebration of 100 years of doing business. She also talks about writing your book… because face it, you know you want to write one. All of this, after this.