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Vol. 811 – Go See a Show – Jan. 9, 2018

We’ve got a sampling for you this episode, a show on Broadway, Off-Broadway and Independent Theatre. First, Q. Smith and Geno Carr are giving their all eight times a week in Come From Away, and have been at it through the musical’s development. They walk us through the excitement of this exhilarating show. Then, Jersey Boys is returning to New World Stages, and book writer Rick Elice stops by to let us know about that and walk us through his early history in NYC up to the fateful call to write one of the most popular musicals of this century. Finally, Frankenstein comes alive every Monday night in New York, and this time the mad creator is Eric Sirota, writing book, music and lyrics. He tells us about the show, and the unique challenges of doing a long run essentially in a festival format.