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Podcast: Vol. 127- Sept. 6: NYMF Coverage Part 3

  NYMF Coverage Part 3 as we hear interviews, songs and live performances from the musicals, "Tully", "Sympathy Jones", "The Family Fiorelli:, "Virtuosa" and "The Brain From Planet X" Also, On the Positive Side, News and more!

On the Boards

     Tully (In No Particular Order)

Tully has lost his memory.  But a past of passionate affairs, murder, and countless betrayals is not easily forgotten.  A lifetime’s worth of writings will force their author to confront the terrible cost of his actions and the formidable fate which awaits him in this daring new musical drama.  We talk to, and hear from, Austin Miller and Kate Rockwell of NBC’s Grease:  You’re the One That I Want fame, and also actor Adam Hose from the show.  We also play “My Words Won’t Come”, a song from the show.

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Family Fiorelli

All this plus a kick-ass pop/rock score.

Come laugh, cry and rock out with the Fiorellis and decide for yourself  what makes a family!


Long Island’s Fiorelli Vineyard is the setting for a vintner’s wife’s mid-life crisis and the ‘unholy’ way she tries to resolve it.  While you’re there, you’ll find a 9-year-old wine prodigy who talks to saints, a 13-yr-old karate kid with cerebral palsy who gets the girl,  a lesbian wedding, and -wait for it- actual Divine Intervention!  We talk to, and hear from, Fred Anthony Marco, who wrote the book and lyrics, Alastair William King, who wrote the music and Robert Bartley, the director of the show.  We play two songs from the show, “Turn the Other Cheek” and “Prayer to St. Jude.”

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Call Board

MTV networks announced that they will be filming the hit Broadway show Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Palace Theatre for a possible airing on their flagship station, MTV.  No dates are set for the airing, but the New York Post stated that MTV will be filming at the Palace sometime this month, with plans to air a behind the scenes special as well as performance, titled “I am Blonde”.  There is no confirmation from the producers of the show, they have said that the announcement in the New York Post was premature.  For more information visit: l


Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, and Richard Griffiths are reported to have agreed to transfer with the West End Production of peter Schaefer’s Equus, to New York.   “In all probability, if everything goes according to plan, it would definitely be me and Richard Griffiths and how many other cast members the unions will allow,” Radcliffe told MTV News.  For more information visit:


The mother daughter team of Paula Prentiss and Prentiss Benjamin take the stage opposite each other in Shaws’ Mrs. Warren, staged by Boarshead Theatre.  The production will be directed by james Glossman, the associate director at Plawrights Theatre.  For more information visit:


On the Boards

Clara Schumann in Words and Music

Virtuosa explores the extraordinary life of Clara Schumann through the marriage of words and instrumental music.   Child prodigy, pianist extraordinaire, composer, muse to several geniuses of the Romantic era, mother of seven, businesswoman- Clara Schumann was a Superwoman before the term existed. This one woman, one pianist play examines the power of Art to sustain us and the sacrifices it demands.  We talk to producer, Adam Levine and playwright, Diane Seymour.  We play an excerpt from the show as well.

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On the Boards

The Brain From Planet X

An affectionate and hilarious send-up of bad 50s sci-fi movies, The Brain From Planet X tells the story of an alien invasion circa 1958.  A Brain and its two alien cohorts, Zubrick and Yoni, arrive on Earth and  plan to take over the San Fernando Valley –starting with the happy nuclear family, the Bunsons.  It’s the first step on the road to their quest of taking over the entire planet and to destroying the family unit.  It’s tuneful, toe-tapping, and terrifyingly fun.  We sit down with actors Barry Pearl (The Brain), Amy Bodnar (Joyce), and Writer/Director Bruce Kimmel.  Also we hear two songs from the Orginal Cast Recording:  “The Brain from Planet X” and “The Brain Song”.

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On the Positive Side

This week Marty meanders through myriad topics of theatre, taking a pit stop to talk about Drew Sarich

On the Boards

    Sympathy Jones

Meet Sympathy Jones, a receptionist at an intelligence agency who has big dreams of becoming a super spy. After being passed over for a promotion one time too many, she steals a top-secret file and sets out to stop villainess Kitty Hawk. From gadgets to henchmen, our quirky heroine braves it all and discovers there’s more to being a spy than putting on a catsuit.  Featuring Kate Shindle, from Legally Blonde!  Director, Sarah Gurfield, Composer/Lyricist Mari Asare, and Actor, Kate Shindle, chat with us about the show, and we hear a montage from the show performed “backer style” by Mari Asare.

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Top of the Trades

The Public Theatre will offer a free concert at the Delacorte Theatre, honoring Hair‘s 40th anniversary.  The sow will play for three nights only (Sept. 22, 23, and 24 at 7pm), and is directed by Diane Paulus.  For over forty years this tribal musical has entertained and spoken out, come and enjoy it for free, thanks to the floks at The Public Theatre.

The Seattle production of To Kill a Mockingbird has extended it’s run through Nov. 3.  The Farcaswell Hyman production opens on Sept 19 in Seattle.  Mockingbird is the fourth show in the Intiman Theatre’s five year American Cycle Series.

The Roundabout Theatre Company opens the doors of it’s American Airline Theatre to Hichcock’s The 39 Steps.   No casting for the Broadway production has been announce, as of yet, but the Englishstar, Charles Edwards will headline the show in it’s Boston try out alongside, Jennifer Ferrin.

Curtain Call

On Sept. 2, the final performance will be held at the Drury Lane Theatre Water Tower Place, of William Finn and James Lapine’s The 25th Annual Spelling Bee.

Shakespeare in the Park’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream will play it’s final performance, as the festival winds down, on Sept. 9.  Tickets are available at the Public Theatre or at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park, the day of the show.

There are only four weeks left to catch the shows happening at Speigelworld in lower Manhattan.  Anbsinthe 2007 and La Vie will continue nightly performance at South Street Seport through Spet. 30.  Tickets are available through



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