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Podcast: Vol. 129: Bonus Episode!

 An extra episode of NYMF Coverage! Music and interviews from the musicals, "Like Love", "Die Hard: The Puppet Musical" and "Going Down Swinging."

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Like Love

Two people, He and She. A Hotel Room, An Afternoon. No names, No strings, No Commitments. . . No problem . Then, Love enters the picture … things get complicated.

Like Love, an intimate new musical with a sensuous Jazz influenced Score.  Sex is only the Beginning!  We talk to, and hear from, composer Lewis Flinn, Barry Jay Kaplan who wrote the books and lyrics.  We hear two songs from the show, “Hello Goodbye” and “How Will I Know”

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Die Hard: The Puppet Musical

Somewhere between homage and parody lies the best singing-sock-puppet-themed adaptation of a late 1980’s action movie you’re likely to see this year. Wielding a dizzying array of shadow, bunraku and hand puppets, plus a veritable smorgasbord of gripping musical numbers, we bring you the epic tale of New York cop John McClane as he blows stuff up, befriends a local cop with a weakness for snack cakes, and kicks some serious terrorist ass to save the puppet he loves. Yippee-ki-yay, mother f***er!

We talk to John Ardolino, who wrote the books and lyrics and also performs in the show, and actor/puppeteer Serra Hirsch.  We play “Shoot the Glass” and “Yippie-Ki-Yay, Oh John” from the show

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Going Down Swingin’

A boozing, womanizing crooner is haunted by the misdeeds of his past in this sexy and swingin’ comedy, set at the end of radio’s golden age.  It’s 1956, and caddish crooner Dean Newhouse’s once-successful radio variety show is facing a dangerous new foe…Television.  As Dean struggles to keep his show afloat, his bitter and double-crossed cast plots his come-uppance, in this innovative and hysterical reinvention of the controversial classic Don Giovanni!

We talk to, and hear from composer Peter Hilliard, producer Beth Morrison and actor James Stovall from the show!  We also play two songs, “Swinging Party” and “Been Done Wrong” both from the show.

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