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Backstage – Cymbaline – Shakespeare in the Park – Unedited Interviews

As Cymbaline gets ready to play for an audience, we talk with several backstage techies to find out what they are up to as the prestigious Shakespeare company gets ready to go.

Zach Murphy & Jay Duckworth    Rebecca K. David    Henry Blazer Zach Murphy    Henry Blazer & Jay Duckworth    Ashton Gottschalk Meb Griffin    The Delacourt from the Stage    Riccardo Hernandez    Jay Duckworth    Wiring Under the Delacourt    Jay Duckworth     Ally Combs & Corrine   Luis Torres   Stagehands at the buffet
Zach Murphy & Jay Duckworth

all photos by Bob Cooley

We talk to:

Meb Griffin – Assistant Scenery Supervisor

Rebecca K. David – Prop Shop Foreman

Ashton Gottschalk & Henry Blazer – Prop Interns

Jay Duckworth – Under the Deck of the Delacourt

Ally Combs –  Assistant Prop Master

Corrinne Gologurshy – Prop Intern

Luis Torres – Carpenter/Stagehand

Zach Murphy – Lighting Supervisor

Riccardo Hernandeez – Set Designer