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Podcast Vol. 601 – Aug. 4, 2015 – Public Fever – Joel Perez, Fun Home, The Public & More!

The Public Theatre is on fire! Fun Home just won Best Musical, Shakespeare in the Park is thriving, and Hamilton is set to break Tony Award Records next year…

In this episode:

  • Joel Perez, who is making his Broadway Debut in Fun Home, stops by to talk about his journey to his first job on Broadway! Joel, who has been involved throughout much of the developmental process of Fun Home, talks about the show and his life as an actor.
  • Listen to a recording of “Anonymous Sex” by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk performed by Skylar Astin & Phoebe Strole. Both of these talented people were guests of the Broadway Bullet and were part of our Going Geeky Over Spring Awakening features!
  • Jay Duckworth, the Prop Master at The Public talks props, shop, and a bit of Hamilton.
  • Jonathan G Galvez is entering his fourth show in the NYC Fringe Fest this year! He stops by to tell everyone the real deal about putting on a show in the Fringe.
  • jonathan g galvez
  • We get to hear one of our guests on this weeks show, Joel Perez, in a recording of “Two of a Kind” by Kevin Purcell performed by Joel Perez and Maddie Featherby.

From New Play Exchange

Cast: 4 (2 omen, 2 Men)

Genre: comedy, romantic comedy + 1 more


Keyword: romantic comedy, Scifi + 5 more
Rita’s desperate need for attention has driven away everyone she’s ever known. Ben never got close enough to anyone to scare them off in the first place. In fact, he hasn’t left his apartment in ten years. But when a teenage girl shows up on Rita’s doorstep claiming to be her psychic granddaughter, Rita & Ben’s worlds collide and they are faced with a choice. Continue to live in fear or take a chance on love?

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