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Podcast: Vol. 136 – November 20, 2007

Broadway may be on strike, but we're still offering up some of the business's best.  Not even picketers can stop us from bringing you the most informative and entertaining podcast about theatre out there.  Welcome to Broadway Bullet! ACT ONE:  Co-creator of the Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, comes by to talk about her newest brain child, "Shoot the Messenger", at the Cabaret Under Acme 9.  Mike Mosallam and Oren Safdie drop by to chat about their new La Mama musical, West Bank, Uk, and we hear two songs from the production.   Bo Eason, the writer and star of Runt of the Litter, playing at Arts 37, stops in to tell us about being a footballer turned playwright. We also sit down with Ross Partridge and Jennifer Lafluer to talk about the new show Dogs, playing at the Grid Theater. ACT TWO:   "Flanagan's Wake" stars, Abigail Gullo, Aaron Costa Ganis stop in to talk about the new improv musical, and we hear two improvised performances.    And the long awaited Scott Alan interview is finally up with two exclusive performances by Danny Calvert and Katie Thompson. We also sit down with Kelly Cooper and Pavol Liska of Nature Theater of Oklahoma to talk about their upcoming show at SoHo Rep, No Dice. Again Marty is on leave this week.  All your well wishes are appreiated.  We hope to have him back in the studio and on the positive side by next week. Here's hoping. And without further delay...  Broadway Bullet Vol. 136  



Shoot the Messenger

SHE WAS ONE OF the creators of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and now she has turned her dry sense of humor to the morning talk show.  Lizz Winstead has taken the idea of the morning show and put her own personal touch to it.  Playing at the Cabaret Under Acme 9 in So Ho, this hilarious cabaret takes its first act to spoof the daily morning show, and their second act to actually offer their audience an engaging, honest, interview.  Lizz came by the studio to talk about what her career has been like and where she’s going, as well as the hilarity of her newest news work, Shoot the Messenger.

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A FILM VERSION OF the Tony Award winning musical Nine has been pushed back because of the strike in Hollywood. The film, starring Javier Bardem as the leading man and to be directed by Rob Marshall is delayed because of the writer’s stirke in LA, but polishes are expected to be made to the script, penned by Michael Tolkein, by Anthony Minghella as soon as the strike is over.

YALE REPERTORY HAS DELAYED the opening of their production of Moliere’s Tartuffe due to the unfortunate death of a student during the show’s load in.  Pierre Andfre-Salim, a graduate student working towards a masters in technical theatre was pinned against a wall by sheets of particle board, causing severe head trauma.  Opening night has been shifted to the second of December with closing night still scheduled for December 22.

ONE SHOW, SILENCED BY the ongoing strike will have it’s voice back on Thanksgiving Day.  MTV will reair their recording of Legally Blonde: The Musical twice on Thanksgiving Day, with an added bonus.  At the bottom of the screen MTV will broadcast the lyrics for the songs in the show.  Get those turkey day sing-a-longs ready, it’s gonna be an Elle of a Thanksgiving.


 West Bank, UK

TAKE A PALASTENIAN AND an Israeli, put them into an English flat, shake, pour, and what you have is the new musical from Oren Safdie and Ronnie Cohen, West Bank, UK.  La MaMa Etc and Malibu Stage Company have come together to offer New York a limited look at this new, of our times, musical.  We sit down with Mike Mosallam, of the shows actors, and Oren Safdie, Director and writer, to hear about the show and find out what exactly would happen if you put these two people together.  We also hear two composer’s demos of songs from the show “My Hometown” and “Force”.

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Runt of the Litter

WHAT’S THE ONE THING that can stand in the way of a footballer’s dreams of becoming a pro?  His brother.  In a classic tale fo sibling rivalry, set against the back drop of the football field, Bo Eason offers up the semi autobiographical work, “Runt of the Litter”.  Mr. Eason, after retiring from football, followed his heart to the performance world.  He has been commisioned by notables such a Leonardo DiCaprio, and his current play “Runt of the Litter”, is in works to be made into a major motion picture to be directed by Frank Darabont.  We talk to Mr Eason about life on the field and on the stage, and about combining those two successfully.

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IN A WORLD WITH twenty hours of light and a mile between houses on either side, each dog has its own loyalties.  Two brothers are forced to clearly identify their allegiances.  Playing at The Grid Theater, Dogs, challenges the notion of man’s best friend.  Co-creator of the Grid Theater, Jennifer Lafluer, and fellow actor, Ross Partridge, drop in to talk about this new show, set to run Off Off Broadway.

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BROADWAY IS STILL DIMMING their neons as the stagehand’s strike moves into its second week.  Stagehands and producers were set to meet this week, in hopes of having the theatres opened again by November 25, but talks fell short as Local One and the producers could not coem to an agreement.  In an attempt to work around the strike, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, one of Broadway’s holiday hits, will not be opening as speculated.  Theatre owner’s pulled the plug on the special contract that would allow Grinch to open while the other shows remain dark.  Insiders say the strike could go on until December.  What will this do for Broadway revenue?  How will the city itself be afftected?

ORIGINAL JERSEY BOYS STAR, John Lloyd Young takes his final bow in the Tony Award winning production about the life and times of the Four Seasons and their group leader Frankie Valli.  What waits for the Tony Award winning actor?  He is in rehearsal for an upcoming concert at Lincoln Center to be part of the Lincoln Center American Songbook series.  There is only one way to go for Young and that’s up. He is also a strong supporter of the Restore Ellis Island Project, and encourages people to donate for the holidays at

THE STAGEHANDS STRIKE CLAIMS another victim.  The Little Mermaid, Disney Theatricals newest Broadway incarnation, has pushed back it’s opening date indefinitely.  The show went into previews on November 3 and was scheduled to open on December 6, but with the strike shutting down 27 Broadway theatres it is unclear as to when Ariel will be given her voice back for her Broadway premiere.


Flanagan’s Wake

IMPROVISATION IS THE NAME of the game with this new musical playing at the SoHo Playhouse.  “Flannagan’s Wake” is an interactive night of theatre where the fictional town of Grapplin have been waking their departed friend Flannagan for 13 years in Chicago and have now brought the wake to New York City.  “We’ll keep wakin him, ’till we get it right,” says one of Flannagan’s drinking mates in the show, and that’s exactly what has been happening in Chicago.  We sit down with Abigail Gullo and Aaron Costa Ganis to hear about the interactive improv musical.  Accompanied by Ryan Brewster, we hear a couple of songs, on the spot, from the show.

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Scott Alan

HE IS A TALENTED composer and lyricist and has worked with stars aplenty.  He also heads the “Monday Night, New Voices” showcase.  “New Voices” is one of the city’s best ways of receiving and showcasign new talent, heralded by veterans of the Broadway stage.  Scott stops in to talk to us about his career, his passion for music, and his new album, “Dreaming Wide Awake”.  We also have two exclusive in studio performances by Danny Calvert (“Kiss the Air”) and Katie Thompson (“Say Goodbye”).

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No Dice

“AN EPIC OF THE everyday blown to transcendental proportions.”  Yes, that’s the way that Nature Theater of Oklahoma describes their newest piece, No Dice.  It is arguably one of the most anticipated Off Broadway events of the season.  No Dice is billed as a four hour, scaled down, version of the eleven hour epic, No Dice.  Kelly Cooper and Pavol Liska, directors, drop in to chat with us about the upcoming show at SoHo Rep, and try to help us learn a little bit more about what No Dice is really about.

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BROADWAY SAYS GOODBYE TO three of its veterans Timothy M Fauvell (seen in the 1990’s revivals of 1776 and State fair, died suddenly of cardiac arrest at age fifty), Karen Fraction (dancer in the Tap Dance Kid and Oh, Kay, died of brest cancer at age 49), and Robert Goulet (star of Camelot, on Broadway and many touring companies at age 73).  You will all be missed, but never forgotten.



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