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Podcast: Vol. 202 – February 14, 2008

We've got a great big ole show for you this week, since it's been a couple of weeks since we last chatted a lot has been going on.  So let's get the show rolling... This week we have Alan Palmer and Curtis Jerome of Fabulous Diva's of Broadway, making it's off Broadway premiere this week, as well as getting two in studio performances from the show.  Also Paul Stroli of Straight up with a Twist comes in to chat about his new production.  Producer Roy Arias comes in to talk about his wonderful rehearsal spaces for rent as well as chatting with Robert Harrelson about the Roy Arias' production of Knock 'Em Dead. Actor Stephen Plunkett and Composer John Mercurio come in to talk about their new production, Glimpses of the Moon, also performing a song from the show live in our studio.  John Ahlin, writer of Gray Area, comes by to talk about his new play running at the Barrow Group.  And finally, Kathryn Ekblad and Douglas Scott Sorenson com by to chat about Maieutic Theatre Works new production, Providence. We've also got all the news that you love in the Top of the Trades and the Callboards, as well as Marty Cooper, always On the Positive Side.  So what are you waiting for, hop on board the Broadway Bullet for all destination on and off Broadway!


 Fabulous Divas of Broadway

WHERE CAN YOU GO to see women like Bernadette Peters, Ethel Merman, Patti LuPone, and Dr. Ruth all on one stage performing together?  If you’re wise head over to St Luke’s Theatre and Alan Palmer will show you all of them. Yes, Alan Palmer has brought his infamous one “Woman” show all the way from Los Angeles to New York.  Alan drops into the studio to fill us in on the transfer and what exactly it takes to make a one woman show out of one man.  We also get to hear, live in studio, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and You’ve No Business in Show Business”, both from the Fabulous Divas of Broadway.

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NEXT TO NORMAL OPENS on February 13th at Second Stages Theatre.  The new Tom Kitt musical, which is a transfer from the New York Musical Theatre Festival, will have it’s off Broadway premiere at Second Stages in New York.  The cast includes Alice Ripley and Brian D’Arcy James as two parents trying to keep their world in one piece, and the production will is directed by Michael Grief.

PLAYBILL RADIO WILL BE rebroadcasting their virtual opening night of Disney’s The Litle Mermaid.  The broadcast will feature the original cast recording in full as well as behind the scenes interviews with the cast, crew and creative staff for the the musical.  Virtual opening night will be rebroadcast on Playbill Radio on February 25 at 2pm.

JILL PAICE AND DARIUS Danesh went into rehearsals this week for Trevor Nunn’s West End bound musical version of Gone With the Wind.  The new musical adaptation of the iconic film from the late thirties is set to open in London at the end of April.  There is no word yet as to whether the production, which is scheduled until the end of September, will make a Broadway transfer.


Straight Up with a Twist

“DON’T CALL MY HOUSE during football, that’s when I’m vacuuming!”  A straight man that says this is definitely in question, and is difinetly the center of the Los Angeles and Chicago triumph Straight Up with a Twist.  Paul Stoili performers as his Bronx born mother, his Goombah father, and every other character to come in contact with the straight man who has no idea how to work power tools and vacuums during football.  Paul stops in to tell us about the oxymoronic theme of this play and also to discuss the New York premiere of Straight Up with a Twist.

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Knock ‘Em Dead/Roy Aria’s Studios

NOT ONLY DOES HE run one of the busiest rehearsal studios in Times Square, but Roy Arias is also a successful producer.  Both Roy and Robert Harrelson, the director of the new Roy Arias production Knock ‘Em Dead, a comedy/murder mystery set in a comedy club, with array of eccentric characters, drop in to talk about the new show.  Roy also sits with Michael to talk about the studio spaces he has available for rent in the very same building as Broadway Bullet!

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MARTY COOPER TALKS ABOUT Applause at Encores! City Center this week, he let’s us know what’s really happening in Midtown, and why it’s all about Eve.


Glimpses of the Moon

BASED ON THE NOVEL of the same name by Edith Wharton, Glimpses of the Moon, traces the scheme of two not so millionaires as they wed, live off of their wedding presents, hoping to find a suitable millionaire mate for both of them, unfortunately they fall for each other.  Composer, John Mercurio, and actor, Stephen Plunkett, come by to talk about the farcical jazz age romp created by Wharton and brought to life for modern audiences at the Oak Room at the Alqonguin Hotel.  We also get to hear “I’ll Stand Aside”, a number, performed live in studio by the pair, from the show.

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Gray Area

ONE OF THE BIGGEST wars in American History, pitting brother against brother, is remembered differently by both sides and in the south is constantly reenacted.  Playwright John Ahlin has sculpted a divinely funny play about just those sort of men.  Ahlin stops by the studio to chat with us about Gray Area and what it’s been like working on the show.

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THE 100 DAY WRITER’S strike has been ended in Hollywood with a compromise deal made between the Writer’s Guild of America and the production teams of the major studio heads.  The strike’s end comes at a paramount time for the industry with the Oscars approaching in the next two weeks.

THE FAMILY FRIENDLY PRODUCTION of Tales of the Custard Dragon, originally presented at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts will be the headline for Algonquin Children’s Theatre Productions.  The production, which will play the Algonquin Theatre February 16 – March 8, at 11am and 2pm, is directed by Broadway Backwards’s creator Robert Bartley.

MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT HAS altered their Britney Spears reference in “Diva’s Lament” at the request of director, Mike Nichols, and the show’s creator, Eric Idle.  Nichols said, about the lyric change, “We don’t laugh at sad people.  Britney Spears is being tortured to death and we don’t want to be on that side.”



LOSING A WIFE OR losing a friend, either way grief is terrible, and who’s to say which is felt more.  In Maieutic’s newest production, Providence, playwright Cody Daigle, tries to figure it out.  Mark loses his best friend Sarah in a tragic plane crash en route to Providence, RI.  Destiny has him meet up with another grieving loved one, Neil, who has lost his wife in the same crash.  Whose pain is more felt; the husband or the friend?  Two actors from Providence, Kathryn Ekblad and Douglas Scott Sorenson, drop by to talk about the production and it’s meanings.

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